Everyone is Asking the Question, So Are You

On 2009-7-11, Malaysians will mark 100 days of Najib Razak's premiership.

How do we do it? By asking the simple question - "where is democracy?". After 100 days, we are still searching for it, we are still yearning for it, we are still fighting for it.

How do you 'ask' the question?
  1. Print it or write it on a piece of paper. Hold it up in front of a place of significance -

    • police station

    • court complex

    • government department office

    • parliament building

    • state assembly building

    • local council office, etc

    .. and take a picture.

  2. Make it viral .. post the pictures on

    • The 1BLACKMalaysia Facebook group and Facebook page

    • Email them to 1blackmalaysia.1blackcoffee@gmail.com

    • Your blog or your Flickr or Picasa or other social networking account with the tag "711whereisdemocracy"

    • Tweet your links to the photos with the tag "#711whereisdemocracy"
Once there are enough photos, something will be made out of it - a present for the Prime Minister who is marking his 100th day in power.

Remember - be as creative as possible!